Went to get aids adjusted. Vickie has gone out of her way to help me get these new aids adjusted to better meet my hearing needs. I also want to commend the hearing specialist helped in the adjustments via telemonitoring. All eager to serve in helping to meet my hearing needs with explanations, adjustment suggestions, actual adjustments , and encouragement to return when necessary.
Ouida Holder, on Google
The lady who has been managing this business for several months temporarily and alone is Vickie and does an excellent job of helping meeting customer needs.
Jimmie goodman, on Google
Staff was very attentive to my needs. Very friendly and knowledgeable
Angela Hewlett, on Google
The local office here in Montgomery, AL is wonderful!! NO complaints at all. They are very compassionate about the customer. Fred is very courteous and his compassion for your well being is displayed every time you see him. He will work with you and the aids as much as needed until you are satisfied. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone.
Kimberly A Fisher, on Google
When I arrived I was asked if I had been told there was a $65 office visit charge. I said I was not informed of that as I have never had to pay that in the past. I was told I would probably get another hearing test since it had been so long. There would only be a hearing test if I bought a new set of hearing aides. I was told my current ones were 6 years old and needed replacement. Ten minutes later I left $65 poorer and needing new hearing aides. Another $65 office visit to get expensive hearing aides and $65 every time I need an adjustment…. I don’t think so. Goodby Pattillo.
Eric Sherman, on Google

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