If you are in the market for purchasing hearing aids, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing them from Pattillo Balance and Hearing Center. Customer service is GREAT. Mr. Fred Turner is very personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable about improving hearing loss. Through my interactions with him, I have found him to be truly dedicated to the hearing profession. He thoroughly enjoys his work and strongly believes in customer satisfaction. Mrs. Victoria Wiswell, the Patient Services Coordinator, is very friendly and competent. She does an excellent job of making sure that I can come in whenever I need help with my hearing aids. My hearing aid purchase in 2019 was the second purchase from Pattillo. I followed Mr. Turner's advice the second time around and purchased the type of hearing aids that he recommended from day one. I am now wearing the behind-the-ear hearing aids. There is no comparison to the in-the-canal hearing aids that I chose on my own some years ago because I have profound hearing loss. I can truly attest to the fact that I am hearing and understanding much better. My quality of life has improved significantly. I now realize how important it is to listen to and to follow Mr. Turner 's recommendations and expertise because he knows and wants exactly what is best for the customer. in closing, I highly recommend the Audibel hearing aid. Having worn other brands in the past, I have been most satisfied with this brand. Also, it is important to know that your warranty will be honored with superior customer service. Mr. Turner and Mrs. Wiswell are the BEST and are indeed GREAT assets to Pattillo Balance and Hearing Center.
Shirlene Tymes, on Google
I am so glad to have entrusted my hearing needs to Pattillo! I have been a customer for a number of years and could not be more satisfied and appreciative of the kind and sincere help to bring my hearing to the best level possible.
Tim Tucker, on Google
The local office here in Montgomery, AL is wonderful!! NO complaints at all. They are very compassionate about the customer. Fred is very courteous and his compassion for your well being is displayed every time you see him. He will work with you and the aids as much as needed until you are satisfied. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone.
Kimberly A Fisher, on Google
Fred is very helpful and easygoing. I like to go to pattillo hearing
Donna Steed, on Google
Staff is excellent. Friendly, competent, cooperative & helpful.
Edwin Walker, on Google

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